Today, i’m going to share with you on how to deal with interviewer(of course using English as a language)!!. Most of people who not really expert and master speaking english will think, they will ruine their life if attend the interview..meaning No english (speaking skill) No jobs.

But tell you the truth, if you practice alots than you’ll get it just like eating NUTS…Or maybe for the first step..try to memorize and frequently practice within yourself (talk alone) Read the rest of this entry »


Baca perbualan dibawah dan cuba locate(cari) 10 kesilapan and jawapan ada dibawah nun..

Woman: We could ask for a better day, could we?

Man: I know. There isn't a cloud in the sky. I love this time of year.

Woman: Me too. The cherry blossoms are beautiful, you think? Read the rest of this entry »

Weather (Cuaca)

June 13, 2006

Dear Fella! First of all, sorry for the migrating Belajarbersamasaya from the blogger to the MORE powerfull blog eva which is WORDPRESS.I admit it.Hope you guys still with me and have fun with this new interface…

Why i change to WORDPRESS

  1. User Friendly
  2. More powerfull ( mean later on i can easily convert to my own hosting provider..soon)
  3. Manageable (Got the category as well)…later maybe i'll provide other language, not just english..if you guys support me!!
  4. That's all Read the rest of this entry »


June 12, 2006

A: “Hey Bobby. What’s going on?”
B: “Just taking a smoke break.”
A: “I forgot my cigarette today. Do you have another one?”
B: “Sure. Here you go.”
A: “Thanks.” Read the rest of this entry »

A: “Hey Cindy. I heard you are seeing someone.”
B: “Yeah. His name is John. I started dating him a week ago.”
A: “That’s so exciting. Tell me all about him. Is he good looking?”
B: “I think he’s cute, but not drop dead gorgeous.”
A: “How did you meet him?” Read the rest of this entry »

A: “What are you looking at?”
B: “Yo Mike. Did you see that girl walking up the stairs?”
A: “No. What girl?”
B: “Damn. She was the hottest thing I have ever seen.”
A: “What was she wearing?”
B: “She had this tiny skirt on and you could see her panties when she was walking up the stairs.” Read the rest of this entry »

Tags Question

June 12, 2006

ie : You speak English, don't you? ( Awak bertutur Bahasa Inggeris, Betul tak?)

We use tag questions at the end of statements to ask for confirmation. They mean something like: "Am I right?" or "Do you agree?" They are very common in English. Read the rest of this entry »