Today’s Plan..this idea just come out from my mind when i was driving yesterday..thinking how to gain money from other and at the same time we win too…Meaning WIN WIN situation here.

How about if everybody who like,interest to become agent of any business they like and gain profit as UPAH(sbb tolong market)…I think you guys still not understand what i’m talking about..Let me show you by example..

THIS between Peniaga and people = ( can be customer,agent,etc)

Let say i have one product call  Ubat Gigi then if someone want to sell my product to someone, then i’ll give him some UPAH ( must be deal with the business owner on how much you will get if you sell it to third party.)
I think this enviroment already outside there, but not practically apply to global..

Let discuss about Benefit if we use THIS

  • Your Sale increase, maybe less profit than you sell it yourself…but your network of customer,agent will increase and later on you still earn profit at all..
  • Extra Marketing by People..THE POWER OF MOUTH TO MOUTH MARKETING
  • Less Time Consuming … No need to go toother state,city,country,kampung to promo your product..everything in Internet..Shipping = Post or maybe COD

How the Contract will work between business man and the agent

  • You must deal between yourself
  • example : 2% profit from the product or 10% from the total’s all up to you

What can you do to get this happen

How to send your business info???

  • there is no tools except Email&Comment for this Blog engine ( wordpress laa, free maa)
  • my address

What you need to send me? – Business Info Format

  • Your Name
  • Email
  • Contact Number
  • Your Blog/URL and etc
  • Business Name ( maybe you company if applicable )
  • Description – not less than 100 words
  • Some Promotion quote – not less than 50 words
    • note : all the required field must be written in English ONLY

    – If you don’t know how to write it in English. Do mail me your business details and i ‘ll translate it in simple english for free

  • If you have Business card do attach it.

How this will Benefits you? (for time being)

  • Free advertisement – OF COURSE

What force you not to give me your business info?

  • Lazy – to click COMPOSE BUTTON from the email tool, Paste, write title in the SUBJECT field,write your own Business Info in the body field and HIT SEND Button
  • Lazier – Write down Business Info in the body field and Hit SUBMIT COMMENT ( i’ll delete once i got the info ).
  • Laziest – Sit in front of PC and Read this article eventhough your business running around you, and say what the hell this guys trying to do…..:))

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