I’m Back :

August 5, 2006

Hey Guys…….

It took me almost one month to get in place. What to do??i have no access to the net since i changed my jobs @Penang..Really2 tied up with the workload and most of my times at XXXXX…(will explain it later).

Hope this time I’ll continue my belajarbersamasaya blog like before ( Wish too )..For those comments, i really appreciate your contribution and will reply it soon.

Thanks alot..


6 Responses to “I’m Back :”

  1. yuriyama Says:

    alle, aku mau belajar english kelante.. what ist yours ney… becausez i justs knowe thee litle-litlee bigg

  2. come on man..it’s easy to pronoun Klate+English..but you need to separate the words accordingly,
    Example : What is Your name?
    WW–aat ih your neng? ( much better )

  3. miss J Says:


  4. muslin Says:

    Congrat!!!dah grad member aku..haha..wes sori tak sempat p kat ko nye konvo..huhu..nanti aku krim resume aku kat ko..nak gak koje sharepoint..hehe..

  5. Thanks you wes..nevermind..small matter man!!!ok..just pass your resume to me and you what! if You IN then i’ll get rmm2000 from this company

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