Have and Have Got

August 17, 2006

The differences between ‘have’ and ‘have got’ can be confusing for beginners. Here is a guide the two forms.

Remember these important points:

  • ‘Have’ and ‘Have got’ are used for possession.Example: Jack has got a beautiful house. OR Jack has a beautiful house.
  • Only ‘have’ is used when talking about actions.Example: I usually have breakfast at 8 o’clock. NOT I usually have got breakfast at 8 o’clock.
  • The question form for ‘have’ follows regular present simple:Example: Do you have a fast car? NOT Have you a fast car?
  • ‘Have’ and ‘Have got’ are only used in the present simple.
  • Use ‘have’ for the past simple or future forms.Example: She had a copy of that book.
  • There is no contracted form for ‘Have’ in the positive form. The contracted form is used for ‘have got’Example: I have a red bicycle. OR I’ve got a red bicycle. NOT I’ve a red bicycle.

Here is a grammar chart showing the construction of the two forms: Read the rest of this entry »


After quite a long time i didnot post any new article/learning and so, So now i come out with the Killer question for those who asked by the interviewer..Don’t be so afraid to tell the true..Remember, everything you said it reflect on what they going to judge YOU

“Why haven’t you received any offers so far?”
“What offers have you received so far?”

This is another type of question that most interviewers will not ask. But just in case, I’ll provide an example. For the question asking what offers have you received so far, you can simply list the ones you have received without details. For example, “I received offers from Boeing and InfoSpace.” But if they ask you why haven’t you received any offers, then your answer will depend on if you have an offer or not. If you do, then you can politely correct them by saying, “Actually, I received an offer from Intel. But I didn’t respond with my answer yet because this company is my first choice.” If you do not have any offers, then you can say something like this example.

“I just started interviewing this past week, so it’s a little too early to tell.”

“I recently started looking for a job, but I’m hoping that I’ll receive offers soon.”

“I received one offer from a smaller company, but I want to see what else is out there. I like what this company has to offer so I’m hoping everything turns out well today.”

“I’ve only interviewed with two other companies so far and I have a second interview with one of them. It’s too early to tell if I’ll be receiving any offers right now, but I’m confident that I will get a couple.”

This answer is suggesting that you are actively interviewing. Mentioning a second interview with another company also shows that you passed the first interview stage. You are not admitting to any fault by not receiving any offers, but simply saying it is too early because you haven’t been searching for a job that long.

If you have been looking for a job for a long time, then you will not be able to use an answer like I just showed. Instead, you might have to be honest and try to put the blame somewhere else. More likely you will not receive this answer, but just in case, here is one more example. This example admits directly to not receiving any offers but shows diligence and shows that this person doesn’t give up.

“Most of the jobs I have been applying for require more experience than I have. Also, because the job market is rough right now the competition has been pretty tough. But I plan on self studying continually and I know through my diligence that I will get a job soon.”

I’m Back :

August 5, 2006

Hey Guys…….

It took me almost one month to get in place. What to do??i have no access to the net since i changed my jobs @Penang..Really2 tied up with the workload and most of my times at XXXXX…(will explain it later).

Hope this time I’ll continue my belajarbersamasaya blog like before ( Wish too )..For those comments, i really appreciate your contribution and will reply it soon.

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