Interview Skill : Famous Questions Cont’d

July 7, 2006

Let continue….

4. “Do you manage your time well?”
“In what ways do you manage your time well?”

The first question is a little easier. The second question is more difficult because it requires an example. I’m going to give an example for the second question and you should be able to use it for the first question as well.

Short Answer
“I know I manage my time well because I’m never late to work, and I’ve never missed a deadline.”

“I’m good at managing my time. I stay busy both at home and at work and being able to manage my time is necessary for me to do everything that I want to do.”

“I manage my time well by planning out what I have to do for the whole week. It keeps me on track and evens helps me to be more efficient.”

Long Answer

“Managing my time is one of my strong traits. I prioritize my tasks and this allows me to stay ahead of schedule. Each day I manage my time so I can achieve more than I set out to do. So managing my time in a goal oriented way is what I feel very comfortable doing.”

5. “Do you work well under pressure?”

In most cases, the best answer to this question is answering yes. Working well under pressure is a good trait to have. However, I think if you answer that you work the same with pressure and without pressure, the interviewer will be more impressed. However, you will need to explain in words why this is better. Here are some of my answers.

Short Answers

“I work well under pressure because I use the pressure to help me work more efficiently.”

“I enjoy working under pressure because I believe it helps me grow. In my previous experience, I always worked well during deadlines, and I always learned how to work more efficiently afterwards.”

“I work well under pressure because I don’t panic. I maintain self control and work as efficiently as possible. In all my experiences, I did well and I always enjoyed the experience.”

“During times of pressure, I try to prioritize and plan as much as I can. After I’m organized, I really just put my head down and work hard in a smart way. I don’t let the pressure affect me. So I believe I work well under pressure.”

Long Answers

“To tell you the truth, I think I work the same if there’s pressure or if there’s no pressure. I try and take out negative emotional factors and work hard regardless of down time or busy time. I always prioritize and organize my work, and from there, work efficiently. If the situation involved pressure due to a lack of time, then the only difference in my work would be the extra time I would need to put in to meet the deadline on time. Since I believe my normal work is great work, then I suppose I work well under pressure.”

I like this answer because it is different than the standard answer. If you are not comfortable with this answer, then you can use the next one.

“I have a couple of friends who hate working under pressure. I don’t know if it’s odd, but I really enjoy working under pressure. I use the feelings of pressure as a tool to motivate me to work harder and more efficiently. In my last job, I remember we had a project to complete in 4 days where it usually took 10 days. There was a lot of panic by some team members, but I ensured everyone that if we concentrate on the task and work real hard, we can complete the project. It took a lot of overtime, and the last day we were in the office until two AM, but we managed to finish. It was hard work, but I really enjoyed that experience.”

You might not have experienced this example before, but what is preventing you from making something up? To tell you the truth, I never experienced it before either. There are some things you shouldn’t lie about because they can find out about it such as your GPA or what school you attended, but a story such as the one I included above cannot be verified by the interviewer. The only thing you have to be careful about is being able to answer follow up questions.
6.“How do you make important decisions?”

There are many ways to answer this question, and if you have a reasonable method of making decisions, it will probably be sufficient. One answer I thought of included not being afraid of asking your manager. You can follow up by saying even the best needs mentoring, and you always want to improve. So basically, this could work as an answer, but depending on the job, you might have a better shot with an answer like my example.

Short Answers

“I make important decisions by examining all the details and then weighing the pro’s and con’s for each decision.”

“I gather all the information I can find and based on the information, I’ll come to the best decision I can. If I know a coworker was in a similar situation, I wouldn’t hesitate to find out the results to make sure my decision is the best one.”

“I believe all decisions should be made by having all the information. If you are missing an important detail, it’s easy to make a bad decision. So I make important decisions by having all of the information.”

“Important decisions are made by knowledge through information and wisdom through experience. I’ll gather all the information I can find and then apply my experience while analyzing the information. With this combination, I’m confident I’ll make the correct important decisions.”

Long Answer

“I think all decisions are important, and having as much information about the decision is one of the most important aspects. After examining all the facts, I would think about the outcome and consequences of each action and after weighing the pro’s and con’s, I would come to the best decision possible. However, I’m aware that some decisions are not as black and white. In this situation, I would rely on my experience, or even work with my team members to come up with the best decision.”

This is a decent answer, but I think you might be able to think of a better one. Feel free to be creative with your answers because those are the answers the interviewer will remember the most.

That’s it for the day!!! Anyways, those who not really understand what i’m trying to teach you here is please COPY and PASTE the article which you not understand HERE


16 Responses to “Interview Skill : Famous Questions Cont’d”

  1. Person91 Says:

    We always heard our teachers say ‘practice make perfect’ but actually it is wrong. Hehehe.. i don’t know whether you have heard this ; ‘correct practice make prefect’ but it is true!! Hi Woklong..

  2. shocking Says:

    what to answer when someone asks:
    what is unique about u?

  3. Thank for the comment>..really2 appreciate it

    person91 – i’m totally agree with you..but one more things, it okay for those starter to practise even it not correct at least they try to kick off

    Shocking – i’ll update those new technique on how to answer those question..check it out yaa

  4. yuriyama Says:

    tell about your self, i think this is a most famous one

  5. Shocking

    I think that question is same with the “What is your strengh “…what do you guys think

  6. Shocking!! are you know in the middle of looking the jobs??:)) sorry for asking! but anything just let me know okay!, maybe i can help you a bit

  7. s.maruthi Says:

    My big proplem is speak in english without geammer mistake.please your suggestion.

  8. Yeah!! my suggestion to you is, you need to practice alot :), read alot of books or news and etc…better you speak eventhough it wrong,at least someone who know can correct you then from there you will learn from mistake

  9. vltyo Says:

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    bleach hwntai*
    judgment of others dot One is not eternally wrapped up in

  10. drqgx Says:

    be calm dot In this stress of wind and tide all professions seem to*
    of the clouds! Great power! There is a bravura of handling in that

  11. hluau Says:

    A pretty carol too is that which the Hungarian boys on the
    bleach hintai*
    I am Mahomet the king of the Jews!

  12. zwsii Says:

    Thus endeth the First Book of Hyperion dot I make no record of the
    katrina nubiles*
    opened wide and the short figure of a grayhaired old man presented

  13. seem to have lived poetry as well as sung it like the birds who
    communist manifesto romantic*
    within me like the trump of the archangel and thoughts that were

  14. mowayhp Says:

    should water such a sorrow dot Had they been men they would have made
    gerard butler phantom*
    make of collar bosom and wristbands dot

  15. nurul Says:

    can you please teach me how to make my english more good..??

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