Future ; tense,continuos,perfect continuos (Cont)

June 23, 2006

Thanks God, I have some time to blog/write and share with you guys. Maybe these days, we don't have mood or maybe too moody.:( 

 I know some of you maybe already perfect about this Tense ( Future ). Let ride dude with me!!!

 Simple Future Tense

Of course it to simple, just add Will and it called future 🙂

Example : I will sing ( it to simple, isn't it? )
need some more…

  subject auxiliary verb   main verb  
+ I will   open the door.
+ You will   finish before me.
She will not be at school tomorrow.
We will not leave yet.
? Will you   arrive on time?
? Will they   want dinner?

OK DONE …………………………………………………………………

 Future Continuos Tense

How do we use this?

The future continuous tense expresses action at a particular moment in the future. The action will start before that moment but it will not have finished at that moment. For example, tomorrow I will start work at 2pm and stop work at 6pm:
(ia berlaku sekejap jer lagi di masa hadapan. action tu bermula tapi masih tak siap pada masa tuh)hish susahnyer nak translate


When we use the future continuous tense, our listener usually knows or understands what time we are talking about. Look at these examples:

  • I will be playing tennis at 10am tomorrow.
  • They won't be watching TV at 9pm tonight.
  • What will you be doing at 10pm tonight?
  • What will you be doing when I arrive?
  • She will not be sleeping when you telephone her.
  • We 'll be having dinner when the film starts.
  • Take your umbrella. It will be raining when you return.

 OK think enough for today learning…


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