TRUE STORY : Written by My Frenz

June 20, 2006

"Feel Really2 Sorry to Mimie"

Stairway to Heaven


It's been a while since my last post. i took such a long time to update my blog eh?? is my life getting dull?? nah, the answer obviously is a NO..Many things happened lately..but my head was damn bz thinking abt something else and my hands were just too numb to type something for this blog. Today my mind is numb either..but i think my hands are just too gatal to type something. Mind you, i'm at home at the moment..doing nothing but listening to some good songs and watching channel 83 for last nite's world cup repeat match. arghh.. i think i had enuff of these… should i start eh. i think i betta start with updating my previous posts..since most of the story in the last posts are lapuk already..and some characters in my last posts are no longer living in this world. ok…starting wif my kids..(my kittens i mean)..i used to mention about them before..they were two of them. remember?? well..their names are actually bobby and chiwawa..hmm..wat a cute name..(at least for me :p)

1st story

i was at my office..waiting for my hubby to pick me up to haf lunch together. He called me, he was downstairs already and i eagerly climbed down the stairs to get him. Once i got into the car,we had a little conversation. They sound like this :
K : Bie, do u love me?
M : Of course i do..u're kidding me?
K : Dou love me more than anything in this world??
M : Yup yup. hey..anything's wrong?
K : If i tell u something, would u forgive me?
M : Wat's wrong?? Wait…izit..izit my cat???
(Frankly speaking…that was my first thought when my hubby tried to tell me the 'something wrong')
K : Bie..i'm so sorry…so so sorry….
M : Whattt???? Izit my cat?? Izit?? what happened???? What happennnnned?????
(I started crying like a baby..yes that was ugly but yah, i couldn't hide my feeling nomore)

2nd story

One fine evening…
M : Manje, Chiwawa tak nak makan. I dah puas pujuk dia tak nak makan..
K : Kenapa dia diam je…Dia tak sihat kot..
M : Tak…tapi dia tak panas pun..biase jek..kenapa nih..
K : Ok, tomorrow kita bawak dia gi klinik..

The next day..(morning)
M : manje, i pegi keje dulu ok. jangan lupa kasi kucing makan
K : Ok bie..
M : Kalau u start shooting lambat, u bawak chiwawa pwgi klinik ok..dia asik menung jek tuh..
K : Ok, kalau i sempat..sebab today i shoot awal…takpelah..i cuba cari masa to send her to clinic.
M : Orait..Bye..

The same day (6 pm)
I drove home from work. Once i reached home, i took out my house key and opened the gate and suddenly…..

Conclusion of 1st story and 2nd story

Well…the characters involved in the 1st story were me, my hubby and bobby. the 2nd one, me, my hubby and chiwawa.
Wanna know what happened to them? They both are gone. Yes..the're gone to heaven, no longer living in this world, in other words they both are DEAD. R.I.P..
Owh it hurts me so much when i do the flashback…but what to do..the memory remains forever. Bobby died of the clumsiness of my own hubby..Bobby was sleeping underneath my car tyre to be exact when my hubby started the engine and….owh..(i can't describe any longer…mind u..that was nasty) 😦

And Chiwawa died in mystery. She caught in fever for only 2 days..not more than that because she was playing happily wif her mom the day before. I found her body in front of my house. Her body was cold..yeah.and hard. Chiwawa died a month after her brother's death. it such a big lost for our family..losing both of them in one month time really hit me..yes i cried a lot this month..mish them real bad..we buried them at the that they'll stay close to me.

Hmm..i think i'm gonna end this post. i still haf lots of things to be typed in this blog i mean..but i would like to dedicate this post only for my late baby cat. And for my hubby..dun worry..i forgive you..i know it wasn't your intention..but please becareful next time manje, cause we never know who else will be the victim due to our clumsiness and senseless action. me and you, and so are our cats, we share the habitat together..and together we care each other. promise me??

Story by Mimie


2 Responses to “TRUE STORY : Written by My Frenz”

  1. Mimi Says:

    huhu..they both were just sooo sweet. anyway ale, thanks for posting diz into yur blog..i know, ko mesti tau camne perasaannye kan sebab ko pon kenal diorg..isk2..may they rest in peace..

  2. huhu..kesian ko mimi kan..takpelah..nanti carik kuchen lain la ganti..

  3. mmh..there’s no other can replace them..Trust me Mikes

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