Anger (Marah)

June 12, 2006

Yo babeh!!! Arinie apa kata kite belajar cammana nak menyaport(support) kalau kawan-kawan kiter dalam keadaan marah atau mengadu dengan kiter.. Cara yg terbaik adalah memahami perasaan kawan-kawan kita tuh.. Tengok contoh percakapan dibawah..

What you need to do : BIASAKAN dgn perkataan2 tuh.. Konon2nyalah…

  • "I can’t believe that happened. I’d be so pissed."
    ( sy tak percaya ia berlaku. saya juga akan marah)
  • "I know how you feel. I was so angry when that happened to me."
    ( sy tahu bagaimana awak rasa. sy juga akan marah jika ia berlaku ke atas saya)
  • "I can’t imagine how angry you must feel. That has never happened to me."
    (sy tak boleh bayangkan bagaimana marah awak rasa. ia tak pernah berlaku kepada saya)
  • "If that happened to me, I’d get revenge."
    (jika ia berlaku keatas sy, saya akan balas dendam)
  • "What are you going to do to get him back?"
    (apa yg kamu akan buat utk dapatkan dia balik)
  • "Are you serious? That is so fucked up. What was he thinking?"
  • "That totally sucks, but I’m not surprised. I always knew he was a back stabber."
  • "The best thing to do is stop being his friend. He doesn’t deserve to have any friends."

Perhatian : All the translation is all based on me( tak tahu camner nak susun ayat yg tepat dan jitu..BUT atleast you'll will understand that)

Macam biasa aah..kalu tak tahu TANYA yerk….


3 Responses to “Anger (Marah)”

  1. actually how to pronounce ” I’d “..I m having difficulty to pronounce the phrase properly..

  2. “a aaa ud ”

    example : i’d like to go there
    pronounce : ” a aaa ud like to go there”

    Issit correct?

  3. ymanamaz Says:

    seems like u have done direct translation from malay to english. can improve lg next time. 🙂

  4. yeap..i just translate base on my understanding for the particular sentences.
    Hope you guys can help me also to improve that
    Thanks dude

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