Lesson : Daily Talk ( Percakapan Harian )

June 1, 2006

Hello everybody…What’s up? (Amacam?) …

Welcome to Daily Talk Session. Here i Want to give you some example so that we can practice in daily basis

Here some example of the difference between wake up and get up

Person A: ‘When did you get up this morning?’
Person B: ‘I got up at 11.’ ( sini dio gunakan Past Tense sbb menda tuh sudah berlaku)

Person A: ‘You slept at 11 last night. So you slept for 12 hours?’
Person B: ‘No. I actually woke up at 9, but I just stayed in bed.’

When you talk to people, go ahead and use either of these two words. Just keep in mind that there is a small difference.
(Bila berkomunikasi dgn orang, anda boleh guna salah satu perkataan tersebut. Cuma beringat bahawa hanya terdapat sedikit perbezaan ) –> Susahnya nak translate…NEED SOMEONE TO HELP ME

On a side note. When you ask someone when they woke up, you don’t use the past tense of ‘woke’ although it is referring to the past. ‘What time did you woke up this morning’ is incorrect(salah). The correct(betul) way to ask this question is, ‘What time did you wake up this morning?
(Di sudut lain. Bila anda bertanya seseorang bila kamu bangun. jangan gunakan “PAST TENSE” of ‘woke’ walaupun ia telah berlaku…)

Jumpa Lagi ..


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